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eBook "Bad Ivory" + The Movie Script


The British SAS train a group of army volunteers for a clandestine mission into Africa for the sole purpose of eliminating elephant poachers.

This is a teaser from the book. "Bad Ivory"

They were only 180 yards away, they might as well have been standing next to them. They couldn't miss at that range.

After being given the order, they opened fire. They were so close they could hear the bullets thudding into their targets. All six poachers dropped like stones. This was what they had been trained for, and this is why they were here. These bastards wouldn't be killing any more elephants.

The Boss, "Sgt Elliott."


"Go and make sure none of those murdering bastards are still alive."


"Oh, and be careful they could still be dangerous."

"Sir... Bennett, Mandrake, on me."

The three of them, followed by Wilson, and Renias, and made their way around the watering hole. It didn't take them long to get there. On arrival, they found six dead poachers.

"OK, right, get out your sidearms, you've got two each, I want one around in the head. If one of them moves I want two rounds in the head, in your own time."

Before the words had left his mouth, Bennett's Browning exploded pumping two rounds into his two allotted poachers. Mandrake followed suit. Keeping an eye open for anything moving Sgt Elliott put his two rounds into the poacher's heads.

"OK lads, pick up their weapons, and let's get back."

Wilson and Renias helped with the clean-up by going through the pockets of the dead poachers, looking for any IDs that might give them a clue as to where the poachers are from. They also picked up the poachers’ machetes and helped gather up all the ammunition they were carrying.

Mandrake, "Are we just leaving them here?”

"You know the orders. We're leaving them as a warning to other poachers unless the lions and hyenas get to them first. You got a problem with that?”

"No, no, it’s the best thing for this scum. As far as I’m concerned let the animals have ‘em."

"Right then, stop fucking around and get your arse in gear. Let's go."

When they arrived back at the ambush point, the others had already ex-filled back to the vehicles. By the time they caught up with them, they were ready to move out.

They threw their newly acquired weapons into the back of one of the vehicles, jumped in after them, and they were off.

When they stopped again, it was starting to get dark. They made camp, Wilson, and Renias lit a fire, and rustled up some food and a brew, they all sat around cleaning their weapons and drinking their tea. The mood wasn't that of euphoria as one might have expected, it was more of a sombre group. This was the first time any of them except The Boss and Sgt Elliott, had ever shot and killed another human being.


eBook "The Rhombus" + The Movie Script

"The Rhombus" is a book about a group of robbers who steal and bury

the world's most valuable uncut diamonds, but their recovery proves more difficult
than they thought. Pirates, crooked police and the love of a gangster's daughter
are just some of the things they have to contend with.


Two hours earlier, they had executed a daring raid on an art exhibition at the Porta Plata Civic Centre. Using tear gas and smoke grenades they walked away with millions of dollars worth of diamonds. Three unassuming normal-looking tourists in their early thirties had just performed the biggest heist in Dominican history. The local police were not happy.

Billy was the one who normally called the shots and he’d had enough of the climbing and the heat, “I think this'll do, what do you two think?"

Shawn was Irish, he used to be a world-class works rally car driver. Not long ago he survived a horrific high-speed crash and because of his injuries, he lost his job as the works driver. Being out of work and with his savings depleted, he had turned to a life of crime.

Bent over, his hands on his knees and exhausted, he was out of breath, with sweat from his forehead, dripping into his eyes and off the end of his nose, his T-shirt wet from sweat and the river, he was still trying to catch his breath. "Are you sure we'll be able to find 'em again?"

Billy pointed back down the hill. "If we stay in between the curve in the river down there, and the other curve over there and we put that great big white-faced mountain over there in between, I don’t think we’ll be far off."

Dave, the last member of the trio, was a thief and had been a thief all his life. He noticed they had been standing next to a very large ten-foot rock. "Has anyone noticed Godzilla here? You know, when we come back this little pebble might just give us a clue as to where the stuff is."

Billy agrees, "You’re not wrong there, look at the size of it. We could find our way back here in the dark with that big bastard thing sitting there.” Turning to Shawn, "What do you think?"

Shawn is now feeling the heat. "Let's just get rid of these poxy stones, and get back to civilization."

Billy as usual makes the final decision. "OK, how about here behind the rock, looks like as good a place as any?"

Shawn, has now caught his breath, but because of his injuries, he isn’t ready to go anywhere, "Right if this is going to be the place why don't you two go down and have a swim? Leave it to me I'll bury the stuff."

Billy has an idea, "How about we scratch a heart on the rock?"

Dave’s puzzled, "What?"


eBook "Guildford Rock" + The Movie Script


One week before winning the £35 million jackpot on the UK lottery Paul starts a relationship with Sharmini, a smouldering hot Indian beauty. After a whirlwind romance, they fall madly in love. Paul now has to get rid of his previously unfaithful nightmare of a wife.

A teaser of the book "Guildford Rock"

She regularly stayed out late at night, sometimes she would roll home at 3 or 4 in the morning. Her whole existence revolved around her own personal pleasure. No one would ever think she was married. She acted as though she wasn't; which was obvious by the state of the house. If Jeff hadn't cleaned the place, the house would never have been cleaned.

It was two years into this disastrous marriage; just before Christmas. Jeff went into his local dry cleaners to pick up his ambulance uniform. The owners were very pleased to see him and asked him if he would like to take his wife's dry cleaning. Thinking it would only be a few bits and pieces he agreed, and thinking it wouldn't come to more than £5 £6, or £10 at the most. He was horrified when he was told there was over £280.00 worth of dry cleaning waiting to be picked up.

That year Jeff bought a clothes rack, put all of Mandy's dry cleaning on it, wrapped it all up in Christmas paper with a big pom-pom on it, and stood it in the middle of the living room as her Christmas present. "She wasn't too happy about that."

At one time Jeff contracted a Socially (Sexually) transmitted disease from his wife. Even though he knew he hadn't been screwing around he knew it must have come from his beautiful wife. A dilemma. What could he do? If he wanted to keep his marriage together he had to let it slide. What else was he to do? Deep down he knew his marriage was doomed. But a few months later, the straw that finally broke the camel's back "As far as the marriage was concerned," was a function his wife was supposed to be working at. She was supposed to go there and give out programs at the door starting at 6.30 pm until 9.00 pm seeing it was in Guildford, about 30 miles from where they lived, she should have been able to get home by 10.30 pm or 11.00 pm at the latest. When she finally arrived home at 09.30 am the following morning, Jeff was in no mood to hear her pathetic excuse.


eBook "Sorted" + The Movie Script


BR has been searching for his friends for the past ten minutes when he spots them having drinks in the "Long Bar." Pleased at finding them, he hurries over, "I knew I'd find you lot here."

They were all pleased to see their old friend.

Anne gave him a big kiss letting him know just how pleased she was to see him.

Charles said, “It’s unusual to see you here. What’s up?”

With excitement and trepidation not usually associated with BR, he started to tell them his story, "I had to come and see you. I didn't know who else to turn to.”

Phil tried to console him, "Calm down me old mate, have a drink, what'd you want?"

"Give us a large whiskey."

Standing at the bar Charles only has to turn around to order the drink, which arrived almost

instantly. Taking it from the pretty barmaid he handed it over to BR, “There you go, mate.”

BR took the drink and almost downed it in one, "Cheers Charlie, I don't know where to start."

Phil put a consoling hand on BR's shoulder, "Take it, easy son, Just calm down and tell us

what the problem is?"

"It's not a problem. It's a miracle, it's bloody magic."

Anne who is now interested, "Come on Brian darling, don't keep us in suspenders all night, cough it up."

BR now wanting to keep the next thing he says a secret lowers his voice, "Now this is just between us four right?"

Philip, Charles, & Anne heads all close in on BR, and they all answer as a group. "Yeah, of course, come on mate, what is it?"

They all move away from the bar.

Anne holding her glass up, "It'll be our little secret."

Phil, "You know us."

BR, "That's why I came here. You're the only people I can trust."

Phil, "Well it's nice to be trusted."

Charles, "So what's the big secret?"

"You know I work at Paddington?"

Charles, "I thought you worked at Victoria."

"I did. I got moved."

Charles, "OK, now you're at Paddington. So?"

"I got something that'll make the Great Train Robbery look like a chimp's tea party. This’ll make

that job look like kindergarten stuff."

Phil’s curiosity is aroused, "Sounds interesting. What is it?"

BR, "Well, every Thursday there's a delivery from Kings Cross to us. It always arrives at around

13.00, never before. The thing is. There's never anyone there at 13.00. We're all at dinner from

13.00 till 14.00. So they just leave it. It don't get signed for, it just sits there. And no one knows how many bags have been delivered."

Phil's interest is now peaked, "So what's in the bags? Old money?"

"You got it, used notes. The same as the Train Robbers nicked."

Phil can't believe what he's hearing, "What they just leave the bags unattended?"

"That's what I'm saying. That’s the beauty of it. They're always there for at least forty-five

minutes to an hour and if a couple of ‘em went missing, no one would ever know."

“How many bags are we talking about?”

“Fifty, sixty, sometimes more.”

Charles's voice becomes a little high-pitched, "A couple, why not nick the lot?"

Phil, raises a hand to Charles, "Slow down, BR's right, he's thought it through. If we nicked the

lot, alarm bells would start ringing, there'd be old bill all over the place, and that, you devious

little criminal would put the tin hat on that. Now instead of having a sweet little tickle, our friend

here has thought it through. He’s got it sorted. Instead of everyone being captured, and banged

up for the next twenty years, doing it his way no one will ever know anything had ever been


Then to BR, “Ain’t that right BR?"

“Yeah, well that was the idea.”

Charles has instantly calmed down, "So you want to just take a couple like BR said?"

Phil, "Well, Yes and No."

Anne, knowing Phil always thinks things through, "Oh, oh, here it comes."

Phil now has everyone's attention, "How about if we take say four bags a week for a couple of months, then no one would be any the wiser, and no crime would have been committed."

Anne, “Told you, I knew he’d think of something.”

BR, "That's bleeding genius. I knew I'd picked the right place to come. I hadn't thought of that."

Phil half laughs, "Bollocks, who you trying to kid, course you had, you cunning little bastard."

Faining bashfulness, "Well maybe."

Things become interesting and dangerous when two London gangsters follow them to Spain. You have to see what the gangster's wives get up to.

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eBook Bad Ivory - The Movie Script

"Bad Ivory" is a book about a group of guys trained by the SAS and go to

Africa with the sole purpose of reducing the number of elephant poachers
but they end up in a war.

This is the Movie Script from the Book.


eBook The Rhombus - The Movie Script

They steal and bury the world's most valuable diamonds.

But their recovery proves more difficult than they thought.
Pirates, crooked police and Love are just some of the things
they have to contend with.


Benjamin is tied to a chair. He has been beaten up with blood on his face. Charlie, Gangsters #3,4,5 are in attendance.


Forgive me if I don't believe you but it sounds like a load of old bollocks. The two guys that you shot.


I didn't shoot anyone.


Well, let's just say for argument's sake that you did shoot them. The two guys that you shot were there to meet you, right?


Right, but...


No buts, it must have been you that shot them.


I wasn't even there when they were shot. What reason would I have to shoot them? I dealt with them on a regular basis, I was going to get money from them.


So, you're saying someone else knew they had money on them and got in first?


Must have been.


Do you know how stupid that sounds?


No, but it wasn't me.


If I was going to nick money from anyone I'd have waited till you

got the money and taken it from you. Now wouldn't that have made

more sense than trying to take it from those two big apes?


Maybe it was someone who had a grudge against them.


In the middle of the day in the middle of Green fucking Park in the middle of London. Are you taking the piss?


But what reason do I have to kill them?


I don't know the answer to that question, but one thing I do know is,

is that you, my little blood-spattered friend is that you done it.

And that sort of thing is bang out of order.


Bang out of order.


I got nothing to do with it.


Now, now, enough porkies, we all know you've been extremely naughty

and you know you gotta be punished.

Charlie ushers Gangster #5 over.


(To gangster #5)

Administer the punishment son and make a good job of it, this nasty piece of work needs to be shown he can't go around shooting people willy nilly. Right, get on with it.


(To Benjamin)

This might hurt a little, but you'll get used to it there's a lot more to come.


eBook Guildford Rock - The Movie Script

Separated from his unfaithful wife, Paul starts up a new relationship, with Sharmini, a beautiful Indian girl. But after a record win on the UK lottery, and a trip to Florida, Sharmini's father stirs the waters and makes trouble. The situation is only resolved because of Paul's honesty. Finding true love, a romantic trip to the Dominican Republic brings them even closer together. But it's not until they return home that Paul has closure and receives the package he has been waiting for.

Michael Caine followed Paul, "I don't want to make a fuss about this, I’d like to put the hundred grand in for the tournament but I don't want anyone else knowing the money came from me, can we just keep it quiet?"

Paul was dumbfounded, not with the offer but the thought that he was standing there talking to Michael Caine. "Of course, no problem, whatever you want.”

“Thanks, that's a beautiful girl you've got there, look after her, and I'll give you another piece of advice, never, never, never, ever buy a boat."

"Right, thanks, I'll remember that by the way our families must have lived close to each other in the '40s and '50s. My lot had a cafe on the London Bridge Road, right by the Elephant."

"Yeah, we lived in Marshall Street, did you play in the bombed-out houses down the Borough?”

"Yeah, all the time."



5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Reviewed in Thailand on February 2021

I have just finished reading the Rhombus and found it a real page-turner. The plot was exciting and the characters became my friends. I didn't want the book to end.

Jenny Jones


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Reviewed in the UK on 3 March 2021

Verified Amazon Purchase         

Excellent story and well written.

I can’t wait to read the next one.

E J Hill


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Reviewed from a Free Promotion United Kingdom on 4 May 2022 

Great book with plenty of action with a great story about elephant poachers. Plenty of twists and turns.

Harry Hawkins

Authors Notes

Phil Mitchell


With four books finished, I'm now going to work on the movie scripts, and then I will place them into the books as a bonus.